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  • Customer Data Platform (CDA): from technology to data activation strategy 

Customer Data Platform (CDA): from technology to data activation strategy

In this webinar, we will focus not only on the technology that allows us to manage our customer data in real timebut in the business visionbecause, without a data activation strategy focused on generating valuetechnology is not going to be fully efficient. 

In addition, we will discuss some use cases and tips to find out if your company is ready for implement this technology. If you want a free workshop to discuss it with you, you only have to do the following click here.

What is a CDA? 

According to the Customer Data Platform Institute, a CDA is a packaged software that creates a persistent, unified database that is accessible to other systems".. Although this technology has been available for years, as we can see in the images below, it has recently undergone a peak of interest and utilization, in particular from 2020 onwards. 

customer data
Google Trends


The why this interest is due to the following challenges:

  • Need to trace and identify the customer across all channels
  • Cookie Apocalypse
  • Ad & Social "walled gardens".
  • Privacy
  • Loyalty

What opportunities we have to face these challenges?

  • 360º customer vision
  • First Party Data
  • CDA (Customer Data Activation)
  • Permission marketing
  • Behavioral marketing

We explain everything in the webinar:

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